Release of Energy Efficient Infrared LED Wireless Mouse, “IR LED Mouse” by ELECOM
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Item Information
3-Button , ELECOM “IR LED Mouse”
  • 3-Button , ELECOM “IR LED Mouse”

3-Button , ELECOM “IR LED Mouse” [M-IR01DR]

Our Selling Price: JPY5,000
Shipping Weight: 350g
ELECOM has just released 2 series of its energy efficient LED mouse. The new “IR LED Mouse” which just gone on sale boasts battery life by approximately one year thanks to its infrared LED. The infrared LED with a longer wavelength than red or blue visible light reduced driver voltage resulting in lower power consumption. The new series of “IR LED Mouse” left and right buttons use OMRON made switches which are known for their durability and touch. The mouse uses a 2.4GHz wireless band for stable transmission, allowing the user to operate it at a range of 10m on non-magnetic surface and up to 3m on magnetic surfaces such as steel desks. The new mouse comes with ultra-small receiver which can be stored in the main body of the mouse making it easy to carry and reduces the possibility of being lost. Other convenient feature include a button for switching cursor speed between 800 and 1600 counts as well as a power button on the bottom of the mouse, plus a low battery light indicator that let the user know when it is time to charge the batteries. The new “IR LED Mouse” series come in two models of standard 3 button “M-IR01DR Series” and 5 button “M-IR02DR Series” which features “Forward” and “Back” buttons for more efficient web browsing.
Other Information
Compatible devices: Windows PCs running Windows 7 (including SP1) /Vista (SP2) XP (SP3)
and/or Macs running Mac OS X (10.5~10.5.8, 10.6~10.6.8, 10.7), that have a USB interface
Resolution: 800/1600 count (can be switched)
Communication System: GFSK
Frequency: 2.4GHz band
Range: Non-magnetic surface (wooden desk etc.) 10m, magnetic surface (steel desk etc.) 3m (ELECOM test values)

Approximate alkaline battery life: Approximately 625 hours of continuous use or 1852 days of standy time.
Likely battery life for average use is approximately 369 days (ELECOM test values) (Assuming 8hrs of computer use per day with 20% of that time allotted to mouse operations)
Compatible batteries: 2 of either AAA alkaline batteries, AAA manganese batteries, or AAA nickel metal hydride batteries
Size: Width 59.6 x length 103.0 x height 39.0 mm
Total weight: Approximately. 68g (Not including batteries)
Accessories: Includes 1 receiver (width 15.0 x length 6.0 x height 17.5 mm, weight: approx. 2g), 2 AAA alkaline batteries

Instruction: Japanese