From Creator of Nose Mask Pit, comes "Pit Stopper" for Suppressing Runny Nose and Removing Pollens
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Pit Stopper
  • Pit Stopper

Pit Stopper

Our Selling Price: JPY2,740
Shipping Weight: 100g
If you are sensitive to pollen in early spring, and are bothered by a runny nose, then you need “Pit Stopper”. From the creator of Nose Mask Pit comes the "Pit Stopper", an evolved pollen prevention mask with sponge-shape filters capable of stopping pollens that cause hay fever. In addition to pollen removal, the Pit Stopper acts as a nasal plug to suppress a runny nose due to pollen sensitivity. The “Pit Stopper” plays the double role of filter to remove pollen while suppressing runny nose."Pit Stopper" comes in a same stylish and sleek design which is almost invisible by other individuals. Please dampen Pit Stopper in water so its sponge filters get soaked with water and then squeeze out the access water before inserting into the nose.
Please also note that the Pit Stopper has been designed and made to fit the shape of the average Japanese nose.

Other Information
Pit Stopper
Content: Contains 14 pit stopper
Usage: Guards against pollen and suppresses runny nose
Symptoms: Use when there is a runny nose
Air Permeability: △ (not as good)
How to Use: dampen with water before insertion
Feeling of Use: ◎(Very good) Soft touch
Structure: Thick sponge (cellulose sponge)

Available Sizes:
Filter size: 8.5mm (when it is dry)
9.5 (when it is wet)
Filter Cover: 11.5mm
Filter size: 6.9mm (when it is dry)
7.9 (when it is wet)
Filter Cover: 10.7mm

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