Nose Mask Pit an almost Invisible Mask with 100% Pollen Filteration Rate
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Nose Mask Pit
  • Nose Mask Pit

Nose Mask Pit

Our Selling Price: JPY2,740
Shipping Weight: 100g
If you are sensitive to pollen in early spring, taking measures to prevent pollen allergy made lot easier and comforting with the Nose Mask Pit.“Nose Mask Pit, ”uses a high-quality polyester spunbond non-woven cloth filter with a pollen filtration rate of 100%, and its anti-bacterium and mildewproof finish. The Nose Mask Pit can be used not only for its anti-pollen capability against escalting hay fever, but also for prevention of dust, fumes, and pollution in factories or on construction sites.
“Nose Mask Pit” is a sleek and fashionable designed filter that fits right inside the nostrils and filters out all that nasty allergens and pollutants. The “Nose Mask Pit” is different in design and size from a conventional mask which covers almost half of your face, the “Nose Mask Pit” is almost invisible to other individuals and does not provide any discomfort or problems during breathing, eating or talking time, oh did I forget , it also does not mess up your makeup. The 99.9% blocking capability covers pollen, dust, yellow sand and virus that are around 10 micron in size. The Nose Mask Pit can not be used with a runny nose. Please also note that the Nose Mask Pit has been designed and made to fit the shape of the average Japanese nose.
Other Information
Nose Mask Pit
Content: Contains 14 nose mask pit
Usage: Guards against pollen and dust
Symptoms: Use when there is no runny nose
Air Permeability: ◎ (very good)
How to Use: Insert as it is
Feeling of Use: ○ (good)
Structure: Thin filter
(polyester spunbond non-woven cloth filter)
Available Sizes:

Filter size: 9.2mm
Filter Cover: 11.5mm
Filter size: 7.8mm
Filter Cover: 10.7mm

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