Imabari Kinsei Towels a genuine quality texture for a gift in special occasion
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IMABARI Towel Blanket 2P Set
  • IMABARI Towel Blanket 2P Set

IMABARI Towel Blanket 2P Set[357-27]

Our Selling Price: JPY20,475
Shipping Weight: 6400g
Imabari is a city located in Ehime, Japan where is famous as the venerable town of history and culture. Imabari is home to a large cotton processing industry, with particular emphasis on towels. The city produces around 60% of the towels produced in Japan. Based on their traditional figured textile technique, "Imabari Kinsei Towels" is made, "Imabari Kinsei Towels" has the design of the wave and it feels the genuine quality texture. Since "Imabari Kinsei Towels" is contained in a wooden box , it is suitable for a gift in special occasion.
Other Information
Blanket Size:
Width : 1500mm(59.06in)
Height : 1900mm74.80in)

100% Cotton
Manufactured in Japan

Box Size:
Width : 498mm(19.61in)
Depth : 377mm(14.84in)
Height : 162mm(6.38in)

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