World first Titanium Double-Wall Vacuum Cup
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Item Information
Titanium double-wall vacuum Cup “RIN”
  • Titanium double-wall vacuum Cup “RIN”

Titanium double-wall vacuum Cup “RIN”[TIRI-400]

Our Selling Price: JPY22,750
Shipping Weight: 540g
The titanium double-wall vacuum cup is made entirely of two thin titanium plates, creating a durable double structure. The space between the plates gives excellent thermal insulation. Since the natural heat of a hand is not transmitted to the drink, ice hardly melts in a cold drink, and a hot drink doesn’t cool down. There is almost no condensation produced when ice is placed in the cup. And perhaps most importantly, the taste of a drink is not changed. This high quality titanium double-wall vacuum cup is manufactured in Tsubame city in Nigata prefecture, Japan, where is a well known city for metal working. The metal products made in Tsubame are world famous and attract the attention of buyers all over the world. The metal industry in Tsubame was started in the early Edo period by farmers making iron nails in the off season. Gradually the farmers began to make utensils and other products for home use, eventually earning fame for their artistry. Tsubame has a metal working history of 350 years, and the metal workers in this region are known to take great pride in the craftsmanship of their wares.
Other Information
Size: 76mm x 145mm
Capacity: 0.4L
Weight: about 143g

Characteristics of a titanium double-wall vacuum cup:
-Titanium is a safe metal; it is not harmful to humans.
-Titanium is 50 % lighter than copper and 40% lighter than iron.
-Titanium provides excellent thermal insulation, and it does not change the taste of a drink.
-Condensation rarely occurs on the outside of the cup.

Precautions and maintenance procedures:
-Wash the cup with dishwashing detergent before use.
-Do not use the cup for boiling, heating, or microwaving.
-Do not put the cup in an automatic dishwasher.
-When pouring a hot drink into the cup, be careful not burn yourself.
-After using the cup, it should be washed with a soft sponge and then dried thoroughly. The cup should be stored in an area that is free from moisture.
-When cleaning the cup, cleansers or metal brushes should not be used.